Dupla de Cabal and Farah started Episode VI in Indian Wells

Dupla de Cabal and Farah started Episode VI in Indian Wells

Valle del Cauca’s Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah kicked off their sixth appearance at Indian Wells on Friday, a tournament in which they signed their best performance of 2019, as they advanced to the quarter-finals.

Cabal and Farah played four competitions at the start of 2022, while in Indian Wells, according to Match Tennis data, they had three wins and five losses in their previous editions: 2015 (second round), 2016 and 2018 (first round), 2019 (quarter-finals) and 2021 (first round).

Previously, Juan Sebastian played this tournament in 2012 and 2013, but he shared with American Scott Lipsky (first round) and German Florian Mayer (second round), respectively.

In the current version, the Colombians will make their debut against Italian couple Yannick Sener and American Sebastian Cord.

The 20-year-old Italian is the new gem of that country, taking 20th place in the ATP rankings, while Korda, with whom they met at the Davis Cup, is a find of the USA. The order in which it occupies the 28th square.

About these competitors, coach Felipe Perón, of Colsanitas, said that all competitors are difficult in these tournaments because they are the best and because strong pairs are formed, with tennis players who are good at the individual level, they know how to solve a problem. Match and adapt to game situations.

“The advantage we have is that our duo complement each other well, they have played together for a long time, they understand each other and know what to do, while their rivals have not played together and are more focused on their singles matches,” Peron said.

So far this year, Colombian tennis players have reached the quarter-finals twice (Sydney and Mexico), the round of 16 (Rio Open) and the second round of the Australian Open.

Last week, Cabal and Farah were in the Davis Cup. The latter could not play the doubles duel in the series against the United States, due to a discomfort in his neck, which he already overcame.

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