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Most users still think that if you leave your mobile phone charging for several hours, it will explode because the battery will overheat, because this is not true, so don’t be fooled. Although what was said was true more than a decade ago, cell phones with lithium-ion batteries today are ready to withstand long charge cycles without malfunctioning; However, you definitely want to know when your device is I got to 100%, which we’ll let you know next.

Before getting a new mobile phone, it is important to order all the characteristics , since current cell phones with a lithium-ion battery will not fail when you leave it plugged in for several hours or days, because it cuts off the power supply automatically when it reaches 100% of its total charge.

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You may not know it but there is a new function for mobile phones , Which It will audibly inform you at the exact moment that the battery is 100% charged, this is very useful when the device is in low battery and you want to use it as soon as possible once the charging is finished.

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This is the external application “Automate” that you will have to install from a file Google Play Store From Android by clicking . The bad news is that it’s not available in Spanish, but you won’t interact with it much either, just to make it up.

The trick your mobile phone uses to notify you by voice when charging is finished

  • Open the app and tap “Accept” to give it the permissions.
  • Now, tap on the intersection icon circled at the bottom (+) and then on “Flow Beginning”.
  • Add a title to it like: “100% Battery” and hit “Save” in the upper right corner.
  • Press (+) again and choose the “Battery and Power” option, then on “Battery level?”
  • Two options will open, “Go” and “In”, touch the last option.
  • In the “Input media” section, type in the “Lower Level” option the following: 100 and save it.
Type 100 at the lowest level (Photo: mag)
  • Touch the cross again and enter “Camera and Audio” and then the “Speak” section.
  • Click On in the Speak section and under Input media type “Message” Battery fully charged.
  • The next step is to press the back arrow located in the upper left corner <=
Write a fully charged battery in the message (Photo: Mag)
Write a fully charged battery in the message (Photo: Mag)
  • by clicking on “<بدون عنوان>‘You can put a name to it.
  • Finally, click “Start”.
  • It will be like that, you just have to wait for the battery to reach 100% or the battery you have configured, for the mobile phone to notify you by voice when it is fully charged.
Change the name and click start (Photo: Mag)
Change the name and click start (Photo: Mag)

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