Anti-discrimination board opens case for potential racism at Sonora Grill

Anti-discrimination board opens case for potential racism at Sonora Grill

Mexico City’s Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination (COPRED) said Monday that it will open an investigation to determine whether it has been carried out. racist acts In the chain restaurant Sonora Grill It is located on Masaryk Street in Polanco district.

Tonight, the Foundation informed in a statement that it decided to open the complaint file as a result of complaints spread on social media about possible discriminatory acts in that institution.

Over the weekend, accusations were spread that employees from Sonora Grill Prime Masaryk He presumably had orders to separate the eaters and place them in different areas of the place, according to the color of their skin.

According to this version, white people are placed in one area and dark-skinned people in another, so as not to “affect the image” of the work.

The case, which has spread rapidly in recent days, has led to Kubride carrying out an investigation and, if racist acts are found, they can demand a public apology, or institution staff to take outreach sessions or conduct a review. normative.

Cuprid said the purpose of these final actions is to ensure that discriminatory acts do not recur and that the restaurant “complies with the legal principles and standards of human rights in this city.”

In her statement issued tonight, Cuprid stressed that skin color is the number one cause of discrimination seen by residents of the capital, according to the CDMX Discrimination Survey (EDIS-2021).

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