Argentine biotechnologist named ‘Scientist of the Year’ – Unidiversidad

Argentine biotechnologist named ‘Scientist of the Year’ – Unidiversidad

Florence Caerol was distinguished by the Women’s Economic Forum 2022, which honored her for her innovative, inspiring and distinguished work. Researcher Conicet is recognized for her studies on how to improve cancer treatments.

Florence Caerol receives the Medal of Honor. Photo: Courtesy Investigation

Florence Cairoresearcher in conical At the Institute for Biomedical Research (Biomed, Conicet-UCA), part of the Laboratory of Neuroimmune Modulation and Molecular Oncology under the direction of Graciela Cremaschi, Investigator of the Council, has been recognized with World of the Year award Women’s Economic Forum 2022 (WEF), implemented in Argentina. This distinction honors a scientist, in any scientific discipline, who during this year has been innovative, inspiring and superior, always with respect for equality and diversity.

Florence Cairorecognized for its studies on How to improve cancer treatments with low side effects for different types of malignanciesShe expressed: “Finding out that I will be distinguished by the World Economic Forum was a great surprise and happiness, especially because it is an award that anyone can participate in, come forward and vote for you. It is very nice to have the support of a group of women who play very important roles in different fields. from our community.”

“It was also great to be at the ceremony because Estella di Carlotto had the distinction of being the ‘Woman of the Decade’ and had the opportunity to greet her. It was so exciting and motivating to hear about her,” added the award-winning scientist.

The Conicet Biotechnology she was Also the winner Rising Talents at the L’Oréal-UNESCO International Prize For Women in Science. “I feel this discrimination is not a personal matter, but rather, ultimately, on behalf of all women scientists in our country, especially my co-workers,” she concluded.

The World Economic Forum Awards honor ten representative and inspiring personalities from around the world. The categories in which women can vote for the award are: Woman of the Year, Woman of the Decade, CEO or Manager of the Year, Artist of the Year, Athlete of the Year, Young Innovators Creating a Better World for Everyone, Company of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Woman of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Scientist of the Year .

The event is the only one focusing on women’s economics. Economic revitalization, the role of women and the analysis of equality, diversity and inclusion will be some of the topics that will be discussed this year, immersed in the context of the post-pandemic world.

The Women’s Economic Forum has held a total of 63 global editions until March 2022, since the first edition was held in 2015 in India, and 23 new editions are scheduled from May 2022 to 2023, in destinations such as Spain, Malta, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Colombia Ecuador, Albania, USA, Poland, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Turkey, Zimbabwe and Greece.

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