Raquel Buenrostro unleashes a series of dismissals and resignations in the Ministry of Economy – El Financiero

Minister of Economy , RachelTuesday, he asked to resign From four general managers and a unit headquestioning their personal integrity, accusing them of withholding information and threatening administrative action if they do not do “okay,” as they reported Finance Informed sources.

Those who are laid off Ismael OrtizHead of the International Trade Negotiations Unit; cindy lightningDirector General of International Trade and Services; Rubisel VelasquezDirector General of International Trade Specializations; Maxim Romerogeneral manager of international trade, and Celine Magdalena Director General of the Pacific Alliance.

Magdaleno co-organized the summit Pacific Alliance which will be hosted by Mexico at the end of November, in Oaxaca, which will be attended by the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric; From Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and from Peru Pedro Castillo.

For their part, Lydia Antonio, Director General of T-MEC Monitoring, and Cesar Remes, Head of the US T-MEC Implementation Office, resigned. Antonio and Remes are responsible for Energy issues and the relationship with the United States. With Rhimes’ resignation, the Washington Bureau of Economics, the office of the US Trade Attaché, was left without a chair.

The five officials fired by Buenrostro and two who submitted their resignations were attached to Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign TradeOwned by Alejandro Encinas Najera.

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