At the airport they play “Tetris” to take baggage

Netizens were amazed to see the employees’ skills in packing bags. Photo: Reuters.

As if it was a game, the staff Vancouver airport in canada Giving a lecture on how to accommodate baggage in the unique way taught by A The old classic game console: Tetris. This has given rise to different opinions, although they generally praise the ingenuity of the workers.

In social networks It has bypassed the “accommodations” at the airport, and it has spread very quickly. This is mainly because it is common in stations for users to complain about the treatment of their baggage.

user TikTok known as “Deej”, He posted a series of videos where he knows it’s not easy to put bags in gondolas aircraft and in the areas where they are stored.

Some internet users Appreciate the work the staff does on baggage storage, They assert that without their work, It will not be possible to travel.

others are hesitant, They believe that handling passengers’ personal belongings should not be a game. Especially if it’s about a classic like Tetris.

Like bags in the belly of an airplaneAnd He reads in one of the video descriptions. Others teach how to hold 100 bags.

On the other hand, there has also been a trend that employees are enjoying their work, as seen in the videos. This, contrary to what is generally believed to airline employees.

They even dance and sing along to viral songs that are causing outrage on TikTok. Sometimes, the classic Tetris rhythm is heard.

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