Attacks on Ukrainian bases and downing of Russian planes

After the president of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putinordered a special military operation in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday evening, and recorded the first balances after the attack.

army Ukraine He confirmed, Thursday, that he had shot down five Russian planes and helicopters in the east of the country, shortly after Moscow throw one military attack.

“Five planes and one helicopter of the aggressor were shot down,” the General Staff of the Ukrainian army said in a statement.

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As the Ukrainian Defense reported via Twitter, “According to the OOS command, today, February 24, two tanks and several trucks of the Russian Federation were destroyed in the OS region.”

The report added that “the joint forces strongly reject the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Military units are in their positions.”

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Russia neutralizes air defense

For its part, the armed forces announced that Russia Neutralized Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense and destroyed the infrastructure of air bases The Russian Ministry of Defense reported today that this country is in the framework of the military operation launched by Moscow.

“The anti-aircraft defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been neutralized. The infrastructure of the Ukrainian army’s air bases is out of service,” the Interfax news agency quoted the military entity as saying.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Ukrainian border guard “He does not show any resistance to the Russian units,” he said, and denied that the Ukrainian military had shot down a Russian fighter plane.

Earlier, a source from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told that the Ukrainian army had shot down five Russian planes and helicopters in an area Lugansk.


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