After Russia started a file systematic attack On UkraineLots of people started wondering About who has the strongest army.

The fact is that Russia and Ukraine have two completely different armies, and this argument was partly for NATO and the United States to strengthen the Ukrainian army by forced marches.

This is why we provide some comparative data for both armies.

Military budget of Russia and Ukraine

Russia annually invests 45.8 billion dollars in its army, a significant part of which is devoted to the maintenance and payment of elements.

On the other hand, Ukraine spends only $4.3 billion annually on its military defense.

How many soldiers of the Russian army and how many are in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian army she has 196600 active soldiers and one 900,000 reserve soldiers.

Russia has in its army 900,000 active soldiers and they have Some combat experience. In addition, the Russians have 2 million soldiers in reserve.

This is the military power of Russia

Now that we have a little more context around the investment and how many items the Russian military has, we’ll talk about weapons.

Russia’s armament

  • 6 thousand 255 nuclear warheads
  • 535 anti-tank missiles
  • 15 thousand 957 armored vehicles
  • 150 surface-to-surface missile launchers
  • 4 thousand 894 artillery units
  • 1520 surface-to-air missile launchers
  • 832 helicopters
  • 1846 aircraft
  • 2000 armored vehicles
  • 129 patrol and combat ships
  • 51 submarines

So the military power of Ukraine

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army is much smaller and cannot be compared with the Russian forces in terms of the number of elements.

Ukraine weapons

  • 0 nuclear warheads
  • 500 anti-tank units
  • 3000 309 armored vehicles
  • 1,820 artillery units
  • 81 surface-to-air missile launchers
  • 142 air artillery units
  • 46 helicopters
  • 187 planes


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