Paris warns Putin that NATO is also a nuclear alliance

Paris warns Putin that NATO is also a nuclear alliance

French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves LedrienRussian President warned, Vladimir put it inwhich – which NATO It is also an alliance nuclear.

Vladimir Putin must understand that alliance Atlantic he is too alliance nuclear. “I won’t say more than that,” said the head of French diplomacy in an interview on TF1.

In announcing the military offensive in Ukrainethe Russian President issued a warning to West.

In the military sphere, modern Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear powers now, even after the dissolution of the nuclear power. USSR The loss of a large part of Ability Nuclear”.

“It has certain advantages in the field of weapons,” Putin added the last generationIn this sense, he asserted, “No one should doubt that a direct attack against him Russia It will lead to defeat and consequences severe to a potential aggressor.

military attack Ukrainewhich was widely launched in the early hours of Thursday, it was like Answer New sanctions by the European Union, among others.

Those sanctions approved by EU leaders at a meeting of European Council It covers the sectors of finance, energy, transportation and dual-use goods, as well as the oversight of exports or visa policy, specifying that the list of Russian individuals affected by it will be expanded.

Its aim, Le Drian emphasized, is to “stifle the economic performance of Russiastifling its economy, and at the same time, it punishes oligarchs” from that country, blocking your assets.

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