‘No one can get involved in what is not his responsibility’: Bolsonaro disavows his deputy for suggesting the West should ‘use force’ against Russia

‘No one can get involved in what is not his responsibility’: Bolsonaro disavows his deputy for suggesting the West should ‘use force’ against Russia


February 25 2022 04:59 GMT

The president emphasized that Brazil “works for peace,” and noted that last week he had “exceptional contacts” with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro repudiated his vice president, Hamilton Mourao, on Thursday for saying the West should “use force” against Russia to defend Ukraine and avoid the possibility of the conflict spilling over to other countries in the region. .

“The person who talks about foreign policy is President Jair Messias Bolsonaro and a stopping point, as stated in Article 84 of the Constitution; With all due respect, that person who spoke could not speak, it is not his responsibility, the decision is mine, no one talks about this but me, No one can get involved in something that is not his responsibilityThe president said during his usual broadcast Thursday on the social network Facebook.

The portal reported that Murao told the local press that his country should not be neutral in the face of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, and that other countries should also accompany the Kiev government in the conflict. st 1.

In response to these statements, Bolsonaro, who has had a strained relationship with his deputy for two years, confirmed that Brazil “Working for Peace” He noted that last week, during an official visit to Moscow, he had a ‘Exceptional Connection’ With President Vladimir Putin.

However, the Brazilian president acknowledged that he should discuss the situation in Ukraine with his foreign minister, Carlos Franca, and defense minister, Walter Braga Neto.

On the same day, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a release who called it “Immediate Suspension of Hostilities”and asked the parties to initiate negotiations to obtain “diplomatic solution” in confrontation.

Russian special military operation

Earlier Thursday morning, Vladimir Putin ad His decision to carry out a “special military operation” to defend Donbass. “I have taken a decision to carry out a special military operation,” the president announced during a special message to Russian citizens, explaining that the goal of the operation was “to protect people who have been subjected to abuse and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.”

The Russian Defense Ministry emphasized that the Russian armed forces were targeting the Ukrainian military infrastructure and not attacking the surrendering forces or the civilian population.

You can follow the development of the Russian operation to defend Donbass in our update minute by minute.

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