Attracting Investments from Canada and the United States: Themes of Borek’s Agenda on His North American Tour

Attracting Investments from Canada and the United States: Themes of Borek’s Agenda on His North American Tour

This Sunday, June 5 at 7:30 p.m. The hours you plan Air Force One takes off for Canada and the United States, For the second international tour of Gabriel Borek, who will perform various activities in Ottawa and Los Angeles.

It is a journey whose main focus is to attract investment For our country and developing talks with various world leaders in the framework of the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

Borek will be accompanied by a delegation including Secretary of State Antonia Origola, Minister of Environment Mesa Rojas; and Economy Minister Nicholas Grau. They also travel as representatives of the private sector andHe is the president of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Juan Sutil, and the leader of the Association of Entrepreneurs (Asech), Marcos Rivas.

The first destination is the Canadian capital OttawaWhere will Borek meet on Monday 6 June Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It will then load a file Lunch with CEOs of Canadian companies in Chile In the afternoon he will have a conversation with the young students about the environment.

The agenda that a defender can access indicates that On Tuesday the seventh, already in Los Angeles, he will hold a first-semester meeting with The mayor of that city, Eric Garcetti, To analyze water treatment issues. In the afternoon, will be held Round Table with American Investors Who will be invited to create projects in Chile. At the end of the day, he will meet with the resident Chilean community.

On Wednesday the eighth he will move to headquarters CEO Summit of the Americaswhere you will participate In a meeting with businessmen from different countries. On the same day he plans to make a file Discussion at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). In the afternoon, he will attend the opening ceremony of the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

Thursday 9 Borek will be different Biden, with one featuring United States President Joe Biden, and the other with Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Poe. However, it is possible that these meetings are subject to changes in times and days, depending on the agendas of the leaders.

The launch of the alliance is scheduled for noon “The Americas to Protect the Ocean”, Chile has played a leading role in making this marine protection zone a reality.

In the afternoon, the first formal plenary meeting of the Leaders of the Summit of the Americas is considered and at the end of the day a state dinner among the leaders.

Reflect on the activities of Friday, June 10, the second day the plenary session of the summit; Official portrait, presidents retreat, luncheon. In the afternoon, the final plenary session of the announcement will be held Agreements and conclusions from the event.

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