Castilla y León awards the overhaul of the Arévalo de Ávila health center for 1.3 million

Castilla y León awards the overhaul of the Arévalo de Ávila health center for 1.3 million

Castilla y León already has a successful bidder to repair and modernize one of its health centers in Avila. The community government has awarded Bauen the Arévalo Health Center improvement work for €1.3 million (VAT included), according to the contractor profile in the area.

The contract, which includes installments 2022 and 2023, provides for a period for business twelve months From the signing of the law review. The Department of Health, through this competition, aims to reform the oldest area of ​​the existing health center, which is located on a plot of 8000 square meters, and adapt it to a new functional plan and with the latest health care building standards.

The functional planner is thinking, in the renovated area on the ground floor, location Four family and community medicine consultations, with two nursing rooms; A pediatric consultation and a pediatric nursing consultation, a social worker’s office, a mental health area, a multipurpose consultation, an administrative area and staff changing rooms, among other places.

In addition, I will proceed with the repair Spaces occupied by small warehouses Which is located in the concierge’s old home, in order to get a more spacious warehouse, according to Castilian-Leon Executive.

In the extended area of ​​the first floor, there will be a delivery room for psychological prevention (preparation for childbirth) with a midwife consultation, offices, meeting room, oral health area, emergency room, pharmacy and public health offices. The area to be repaired on the ground floor is 615.6 square meters, while the area to be expanded on the first floor will be 627 square meters. With this procedure, work is done on the central wing of the building, which is H-shaped.

The project aims to carry out a comprehensive redesign of the original building, in order to adapt it to the current needs of the functions and to stand out from the services provided. . The Arevalo Health Center takes care of It has a population of more than 15,000 people It covers a total of 36 municipalities.

Recently, the government of Castilla y León OHL awarded the renovation of the Cebreros Health Center (Avila) for €967,404.8 (VAT included). The project aims to improve urgent care spaces in this part of the Alberci Benares region New size over 400 square meters Adjacent to the current building, on a plot of land donated by the Cypriros City Council.

Among the notable repairs are the placement of an elevator that improves accessibility between the three floors of the old building or the redistribution of some inquiries (mainly pediatrics and rehabilitation) to adapt them to the new functional programme.

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