Australia. Regent Honey forgets his song. Endangered


Sydney, Australia /

The Millero Regent, a Australian bird In danger of losing his ability to sing, indicating that he might be close to extinctionA group of scientists warned Wednesday.

The rapid deterioration of this Bird sings It means that the young will not be able to learn the mating calls if the adults disappear, according to researchers from Australian National University.

The Male guardian honeysuckle At I sing The variety is rich and complex shades In the Environments In a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Lead author Ross Keats says these results are “a sign of that.” Guardian honey on the edge extinctionBecause losing the ability to sing reduces the chances of mating.

“This could exacerbate the decline in the number of population honeys Because we know an exciting song increases the chances Reproduction Songbirds. “

Scientists found that 18 myeloos regentes, About 12 percent of the total male population, who can only reproduce the sounds of other species but not theirs.

This lack of ability to communicate with his gender Not have Public relationsecedente In the animal world, ”added study co-author Diane Stojanovic.

“We can assume that Guardian myeleros They are so rare that some young people did not have an adult to teach them. “

Scientists believe that only a few hundred Guardian myeleros Stay in freedom.

This bird who has it White, black and yellow feathers, Was previously in Sharq Australia But now it is mainly limited to Eucalyptus forests In the southeast of the country.

The study also found that Guardian myeleros born in capturing They have different songs that can reduce their attractiveness to birds in the wild.

Scientists now hope to teach Birds in captivity To sing freely like their peers with the help of recordings.


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