Australia. They found a wild sheep with 35 kg of wool on it


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The A case of a wild and sick sheep found in a forest in Australia, a call By rescuers like Barack, The virus has spread. and that is Sheep that produced wool weighing more than 35 kilograms (77 lbs) were sliced ​​for the first time in many years. He was carrying – for wool – approx Half the weight of an adult kangaroo.

The Sheep were found by a contact person Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary Near Lansfield, Victoria, about 60 miles north of Melbourne, according to Kyle Bernd of the expedition.

After your The shear needed for thatBernd said Barack’s wool weighed 35.4 kg (78.4 lb).

“It appears that Barack was once a royal sheep. At one point his ears were marked, but it seems that they were torn apart by the thick wool entangled around his face.” Bernd said.

Sheep must be sheared at least once a year, otherwise the wool will continue to grow and grow, as happened here. Bernd added.

“Even though his helmet was in very good shape running on rocks in the woods, it was a bit bad. He was underweight, and because of all the wool around his face, he could barely see,” Commented.

Bernd said Barack is now settling down with the other sheep rescued on Edgar’s mission, adding this “All this shows how incredibly strong and brave the sheep are and that we couldn’t love them more if we tried.”

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