Aymara medical student is “Cholita Paceña 2021”


La Paz, July 2 (EFE). Aymara’s woman, medical student, is “Cholita Paceña 2021”, a title bestowed by the Bolivian municipality of La Paz on the occasion of the month that commemorates her liberation work from the Spanish colony to the indigenous woman who maintains that inherited identity.

The selection ceremony was held at the Tambo Quirquincho Colonial Museum in the city center in the presence of the Mayor of La Paz, Ivan Arias, with eighteen candidates representing the urban and rural municipal areas of La Paz, the seat of the Executive and the Board of Directors. Parliament of the country.

Nelly Mamani Kisbe, an Aymara studying medicine at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres de La Paz, was the winner of the event, which valued cuteness and empathy as well as items such as the candidates’ typical and local attire.

La Paz chola’s wardrobe features a round hat wearing a metal brooch, two long braids in her hair, a fringed blanket and colorful embroidery, as well as a long skirt that covers several layers of petticoats.

“Generally we wear very bright, very strong colors to highlight the Bolivian culture in some way, red, yellow and green (for the national flag) and Wiphala (the Andean indigenous flag), said the winner.

While participating, the candidates also had a few minutes to give a message in the Aymara language as well as show some of their talents by dancing the typical Morinada dance.

In those short speeches, they all revealed the importance of maintaining identity which is mainly reflected in the flared skirts that define their wardrobe.

During the development of the event, the participants wore an authentic costume, less elaborate than the traditional or typical costume, although with almost the same characteristics, but its fabrics come directly from the wool of Bolivian highland animals.

During his speech, the municipality’s Secretary of Culture, Rodney Miranda, stated that over the years “La Paz Chula has been reassessed” and as a result, it can be seen in different dimensions such as offices, commerce or vehicular driving on public transport.

Specifically, a 2013 local ordinance lists Chula La Paz as the city’s cultural heritage.

The election of La Paz chola 2021 is part of the major work developed by La Paz on July 16, when the 212th anniversary of regional libertarian action will be celebrated against Spain in the 19th century.

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