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May 12, 2021 – Uganda

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Thanks to the Sant’Egidio project and CEI

Uganda is living amid the difficulties caused by the epidemic and the necessary measures put in place by the Ugandan Ministry of Education to curb infection in schools. However, activities continue at the Sant Egidio Community School of Peace elementary school in Nyumanzi refugee camp in northern Uganda. In these months, at least for a portion of the students, there were awareness schools (with home visits and lessons in small groups in the open air).

After many months of imprisonment, Finally, students have gradually returned in recent weeks. For the 500 students who have already been accepted to return to face-to-face lessons, which represent about half of those enrolled, these are days of joy and commitment. Classes are also held in the afternoon to make the most of classroom space and respect safety distances. In the coming weeks, as other classes are re-accepted, lessons will also take place on the weekends.

At this stage, it is especially important to impart adequate knowledge about infection avoidance measures. So thanks for Project “Growing Together in Uganda: Toward Active Citizenship among Young People” with the support of “Eight for a Thousand” Organization of the Italian Catholic ChurchIn addition to school supplies, the community distributes to resume studies, masks and disinfectants.

These are the first steps of a project that the community is also implementing in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Arua. In the next two years, in addition to school and food support for underage refugees, it is also planned to implement school structures with the construction of new classrooms.

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