Being a father is greater than any personal triumph: Dr. Fernando Cabanillas

Being a father is greater than any personal triumph: Dr. Fernando Cabanillas

One is a scientist and the other a culinary arts specialist.

Maria Antonia Cabanellas, CEO of South Texas, Unitedhealthcare Community Plan. Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, MD, director and founder of the Cancer Center at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital and Dr. Maria Cabanillas, an endocrinologist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Photo: Introduction to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

The example of a father figure represents the most important moments in his children’s lives, and seeing our father with our eyes as young children is to remember the feelings of feeling that a superhero is so close, but the truth is that many are lucky, when he grows up this admiration is mutual and the pride that grows behind every emotion.

Why do you grow up with a Baba Whoever works daily and does so with selflessness and passion represents the life project that many young people take as a starting point to be part of the process of personal development, and this relates to their human quality and the example they receive in their home life, where we can summarize the life of Dr.. Fernando Cabanillasbecause the written page is only the smallest part.

The father of two successful women, thanks to their example, is now enriching their family, both in the scientific field and in the management of services aimed at health, both of whom have been able to position themselves as leaders of each of their interests, as they have learned from my father.

Maria Antonia CabanillasHer eldest daughter chose the health field, but from the field of management, headed a medical insurance company, and today stands out as the CEO of Southern TexasIn the company Unitedhealthcare community planwhere he trained when he completed a program in 2008 sponsored by the Wharton School of Business in University of Pennsylvania.

His professional experience includes more than 20 years of work in the healthcare field, in both the public and private sectors, with a focus on public health careJust like his father, Fernando.

He also taught care management courses medicine for students Master of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. Cabanillas holds a BA in Psychology from University of Houston and a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Phoenix.

While she was the youngest daughter of the detective who fought for the release of Oscar LopezIndependence leader Dr. Maria Eugenia Cabanillasdecided to be Part of the scientific fieldas an endocrine oncologist working in MD Anderson Cancer Center In Texas, where he has also been out and has since excelled Cancer Research Program from the thyroid gland.

“I was surprised when she told me she was going to study medicine. She wasn’t directed by me. Actually, I think she tried to do exactly what she did for lymphoma, but she’s doing really well, she’s doing the right thing.” Innovator with anaplastic cancer‘ He said in Dr. Cabanellas to me Journal of Medicine and Public Health about his youngest daughter.

However, the doctor credited his wife with training his daughters in the health field, realizing that he could not devote much time to that which he would like to devote to his work.

“You have to give my wife so much credit. I wasn’t around all the time. When my daughters were born, I stopped working to take care of them and I’ve been doing really well. I’m sure if it wasn’t for her, my daughters wouldn’t be who they are today.” She deserves more credit from me.”

“Now she’s sitting with me discussing some of the science work, like the chemotherapy part. She’s immersed in what molecular therapy is, which is something different, to improve outcomes for anaplastic thyroid cancer, and it’s terribly aggressive. In the times I’ve been in. I’ve moved to see her as a true medical professional and she’s Giving a lecture to her colleagues from the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico. I said Wow. I was shocked,” he said in a broken voice.

In this father’s dayWe celebrate all the men whose example guides hundreds of men and women with treasured values ​​that are reflected in their daily activities.

Cabanellas concluded, “Being the father of two successful daughters is an experience that is hard to describe. It is far greater fulfillment than any personal victory one can achieve.”

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