Science fiction and roads

Recent research has shown that the type of water falling in the Atimagak Valley is influenced by various factors that make it a corrosive mixture of pavement.

According to these thoughtful researchers, the air currents, the valley moisture, and even the heat of Kentucky, alter the composition of the clouds and the consequent rain in such a way that, a few days after the fall, they were born endlessly. Excavations of all sizes and depths. To bring about this effect, there is no other rain more distinctive and effective on the entire planet than this one.

These same scholars from the rains of Guadalajara traveled to other countries where it rained much more and for a longer period, and when they warned that the pavements of those other places do not suffer at all from such damage, but remain in perfect condition even if it pours, they concluded with astonishing accuracy that one must look for The reason is the type of water that is deposited here. If that same water fell there, they would already see what their brand new piers would end up with.

Science has always provided valuable services to governments; In this case, it has the advantage of eliminating the malevolence typical of idle minds who seek to blame everything on the legitimately established authorities and, if possible, also on the 4T.

Henceforth, anyone who claims that potholes are not due to rain but because of poor quality of materials used in paving or unprofessionalism of workers will be seen as ignorant or uninformed.

Of course, there was already several years ago, another interesting and well-founded study that revealed to what extent the specific and incomparable composition of the land in this valley is the specific cause of the subsidence, vol-au-vents, agglomerations, and slides that, soon after the paving the street, be deformed; This result prompted me to take pictures on the day the road was opened so that everyone knows it was well done, perfect, defined, solid and clean, if this patch model is destroyed after a few days, look for responsibility in the quality of the subsoil, or of course, in the violations Perpetrated by city traffic, heavy, intense and chaotic.

The many roads and streets lack dividing lines, some chronically, such as, for example, the intersection of R.Michel Street with the highway to Chapala, is not negligence, lack of responsibility or drawing, but an educational resource that educates in the responsible use of freedom, Beyond that childish habit of drawing lines so drivers restrain themselves or drive with such pressure.

Critical voices are also heard denouncing that the foliage in Guadalajara competes with traffic lights to the point of concealment, and those who express themselves in this way are enemies of the environment and respect for nature that must grow and develop above the destructive and destructive human invasion.

This same care for the planet prevents water from wasting washing traffic lights, even though dust and dirt change their colors; Let’s be real, instead of modifying their color, they’re just dividing it a bit, so that no one experiences the harmful intensity of a red light or a green light.

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