Venezuelan youth will be trained in science and technology in Eurasian countries

The Venezuelan government will send young people to Eurasian countries to study science and technology, the President of the Republic said last Saturday, Nicolas Maduro Morse.

The head of state arrived in the country after completing his successful Eurasian and African tour, noting that talks in the countries he visited included promoting science and technology.

He explained that hundreds of young people will be sent to be trained in innovation and science for the benefit of the development of the Bolivarian nation.

«To the Venezuelan girls, I say: Get ready, for we will send hundreds of young men to study in those countries; To be forged in science, technology and innovation,” the national president noted.

He pointed out that there are offers for classes to study in Algeria, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Similarly, the country’s top authority indicated that Venezuela has already sent young people to Turkey to study in various fields.

On the other hand, he stated that young people from these mentioned countries will come for training in the Bolivarian State.

It is worth noting that President Nicolas Maduro visited six countries in 11 days: Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Azerbaijan. In addition, holding meetings with dignitaries and higher authorities, to strengthen and revitalize cooperative relations.


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