Being part of the 5 am club has improved my emotional well-being

Being part of the 5 am club has improved my emotional well-being

In my case, take advantage My morning energy rush It helps me achieve my goals – I’m not just talking about productivity, but above all about emotional well-being, because I balance household chores with exercise. Self care-. But I won’t deny that at 9pm that energy has completely worn off and all I can think about is sleeping so I can go back to the club again the next day. why not, It’s not about taking hours of sleepbut simply to distribute it some other way to take advantage of my beats.

What is the 5 am club?

As we have already shared before, the address “5 a.m. club” It comes from the 2018 book of the same name, written by leadership coach Robin Sharma. His motto, “Take control of your tomorrow, raise your standard of life”, gradually became a life law for many.

The 5 am clubIt is a practice that has become popular in recent years and is nothing more than waking up at that time and starting our daily routine with the same integrity as if we did it at 7 or 8 in the morning. The only difference is that when going through and preparing for what’s ahead for the rest of the day, some achieve a sense of fullness, calmness, and even less anxiety in the face of daily and pending events.

The importance of timeline

It is important not to get caught up in the viral phenomenon – waking up at 5 in the morning may not be for you – and you should also consider chronotype. People run power cycles 24 hours a day. During these cycles, we have moments of maximum capacity and moments of rest. It depends on each person. This natural standby is called all-day energy chronotype and is associated with heart patternsexplains Manuel Fernandez, professor of economics and business at the Universidad Operta de Catalunya.

Therefore, it is important to know at what time of the day our body is most predisposed to do things that we consider important – we are not only talking about work, but also doing those other things that give us mental well-being – before we decide to join the club. This will depend on dominant temporal pattern. If it’s morning, you have more energy in the morning; If it is evening, the peak of energy and capacity occurs in the evening (and bedtime is around 3 am), and if it is medium, 50% of the population lives there, then the most active hours are usually the middle hours and the need for sleep occurs at 12 o’clock at night.

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