Bella Badel Center enters the United States to expand in America

Bella Badel Center enters the United States to expand in America

The Bella Badel Center focuses on America. The management company, which includes Fernando Bellastiguin, Teddy Puig, Marc Capdevilla and Jorge Alvarez, among other partners, which has the support of Carlos Costa, manager of Rafa Nadal, plans to land in the United States in the coming years. “It will be our main priority, although we will also establish ourselves in other parts of America”Palco23 details Teddy Puig, Bella Badel Center partner. The company did not disclose the investment that will be made to implement the landing in new markets.

Bella Badel Center expansion plans go through with opening up to eight new centers before the end of the cycle. Specifically, six of the new clubs will be located in the UAE, while the remaining two will be in Stockholm (Sweden) and Mexico City (Mexico). In the medium term, besides landing in the United States, the Bela Padel Center plans to land in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.

To implement your expansion plans, The management company has reached agreements with local companies such as Emirates Padel or Everypadel, which are responsible for the bulk of the investment. The Bela brand’s gyms operate under the franchise coordination, which Puig himself and his staff oversee.

Fernando Belasteguín operates under the umbrella of One16Sports, which specializes in managing and activating sponsorships in the sector (Adeslas, Cupra, Wilson or CaixaBank). One16Sports is headquartered in Barcelona and employs approximately fifteen people.

There are currently two different types of formats: Bela Padel Center, which is designed as a file Main, a macro complex that includes all services; and the Bela Padel concept, a new concept for the club, with the aim of integrating the brand, its business and training methodology.

The minimum requirement for opening new positions starts from having at least 16 tracks (including Inside and out), with a well-equipped event center with Fernando Bellastiguin, as well as a restaurant and gym. The main objective of the center is to become a benchmark in the sector, welcoming players from all over the world.

To direct its expansion, the Bela Padel Center recently incorporated Julien Bercovici as business man. The CEO has extensive experience in the sector, having held the position of Marketing Director at Mouratoglou Tennis Academy for four years and Management consultant At the Rafa Nadal Academy in Kuwait.

Currently in Spain there is only one Bella Badel Center located in Alicante. The center opened at the end of 2020, coinciding with the Estrella Damm Alicante Open on the World Padel Tour. The club has between forty and fifty members, for a total of more than 4,000 monthly users. When signing agreements with franchisees There is only one a partner Mandatory, Wilson, as technical partner.

The Bela Padel Center provides its own set of sponsors for the new centers, although alliances are adapted to specific circumstances. “This is the case for the Bella Badel Center in Abu Dhabi, where, despite Wilson as sponsor, there is a mural showing Alex Ruiz with an adidas shovel, for reasons of sponsorship,” the CEO said.

To play for an hour and a half in the club located in the Ritz-Carlton (where the Bella Badel Center is located in Abu Dhabi), any user must pay a fee of 329.2 dirhams (85 euros).

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