USA: Formula 1 arrives with great fanfare for Miami GP premiere | Sports | Dr..

USA: Formula 1 arrives with great fanfare for Miami GP premiere |  Sports |  Dr..

Backed by record TV audiences, Formula 1 is putting its growing popularity in the United States to the test this weekend with the opening of the Grand Prix in Miami (Florida).

For the first time since 1984, the United States will host two events on the Formula 1 calendar this season, which will be expanded to three events next year with the addition of a night race in Las Vegas (Nevada).

In a country where motorsports is deeply rooted and has competitions of its own like the IndyCar and Nascar series, Formula 1 has been generating high expectations, as evidenced by the sale of Miami Grand Prix tickets, which sold out in less than an hour despite their high prices.

British seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), who at the start of his career saw “a chasm between the United States and the rest of the world in terms of emotion,” said Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), a seven-time world champion.

The first race of the Miami GP will take place on Sunday 8th May

Miami and Formula 1 binomial 400 million dollars

Over $25,000 in ticket resales, three-star hotels up to $500, and suites for $30,000. Nearly 250,000 people will travel to Miami this weekend to experience the Formula 1 GP up close, with an estimated benefit of $400 million. These are the most anticipated GP numbers ever in the US.

After years of negotiations, Miami Gardens became the eleventh venue for the Formula 1 GP race in the United States. From the tradition of Indianapolis to the speed of Texas tracks, F1 is arriving in Florida for an event that wants to protect the “glamor” of Monte Carlo that will move record amounts of money.

The 57 laps of the 5,412-meter track set in the vicinity of Hard Rock Stadium is the center of a world event, where personalities such as Michael Jordan, David Beckham or Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock” are expected to meet.

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