Abortion in the United States: The Senate will vote on a law to protect the right – America – International

Abortion in the United States: The Senate will vote on a law to protect the right – America – International

The leader of the US Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, announced this Thursday of next week You will vote on abortion protection legislation with the aim of forcing senators to take a public standdespite the fact that the chance of approval of it is slim.

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The US Supreme Court has a conservative majority, but is divided over this new legislation.

Today I am announcing that the US Senate will vote next week on legislation to legalize a woman’s right to abortion in federal law.”Schumer announced from the bicycle.

The senator made it clear that on Monday he would begin the bureaucratic procedures so that a vote on the legislation would take place on Wednesday.

The vote will come after Politico this week published a draft US Supreme Court ruling suggesting abolishing the right to abortion at the federal level, in force since 1973, that would allow more conservative states to restrict and even eliminate it. This is correct.

The draft, whose validity has been confirmed by the Supreme Court, is not the final ruling and the final decision will not be known until June.

In any case, the prospect of an abortion ban in the most conservative parts of the United States has shocked part of the country and sparked demonstrations in front of the Supreme Court.

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In reaction, Schumer is trying to gain momentum for Pass a law that protects abortion across the country and separates it from any kind of judicial decision.

It is one of the most difficult and personal decisions that a woman has to make in her life.

“Next week’s vote will be one of the most important decisions we’ve ever made because it’s one of the most personal and difficult decisions a woman has to make in her life. This isn’t an abstract exercise. My fellow Americans, it’s true,” Schumer said.

However, the legislation is unlikely to pass because the Senate is currently split in the middle with 50 seats for Republicans and 50 seats for Democrats, who enjoy a majority thanks to the US vice president’s equal vote. Kamala Harris, who chairs that room.

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However, to pass legislation of the nature advocated by Schumer, a majority greater than 60 votes is needed.

Two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, have expressed their intent to vote with Democrats to protect abortion rights; But, nevertheless, the project will not have enough support to be successful.


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