Best Property Residence in One Pearl Bank


One Pearl Bank is a mega-development sitting on a whopping land plot of 82,376 sq ft, situated in the 1 Pearl Bank, Singapore. The new architectural symmetry of One Pearl Bank rises from the beautifully landscaped grounds and lush greenery. With 774 Residential Units, One Pearl Bank Condo offers lifestyle amenities and different bedroom sizes to choose.


Looking at One Pearl Bank architecture, it would appear that the old Pearl Bank Apartment is keen to retain this classic horseshoe look. They would like to add this work of art to our property portfolio for homeowners and property developers who are great lovers of locations or traditional architecture. Many property purchasers wonder if one pearl bank condo is a good purchase with several recently in the neighborhood, such as Rivière and Sky Everton, that has created so much buzz around the area.


About Developer:


The operator of One Pearl Bank, one of the largest real estate companies in Asia, is none other than CapitaLand. CapitaLand, which is located in Singapore, is responsible for managing aOne Pearl Bank Price asset portfolio. Its portfolio covers different immobilization divisions, including retail, commercial, industrial, and logistics, in over 200 cities and 30 countries. The company’s primary focus is on Singapore, China, and other markets, including VietNam, India, Australia, the U.S., and Europe, as its growth plans continue. Outstanding architectural developments have featured D’Leedon, The Interlace, and Sky Habitat as some of the most iconic residential projects in the last years. The next megaproject next to the Buangkok MRT station is Sengkang Grand Residences, after One Pearl Bank.


Facilities and Design:


The 178-meter-long One Pearl Bank condominium, right on top of Pearl’s Hill, is the tallest private residential tower in Outram-Chinatown – providing exclusive CBD vistas to Sentosa. One Pearl Bank Balance Unit architecture is ingeniously designed by local Multiply Architects, by the London-based architect Serie Architects. This new condo at Outram Park has two total residential towers (39 stores high) and is linked to each building by sky-bridges. The condominium’s slender, curved appearance creates an aired and light effect, which offers both residents and bypassers a clear overview of the residential blocks’ surroundings.


One Pearl Bank is dedicated to CapitaLand’s development to create a community within the new project and provide more community services exclusive to the condo. Some have a shared kitchen on the top floor of One Pearl Bank and reserve gardening plots on all four condo floors. This helps residents to produce farming and natural resources of their own. In addition to the standard shared amenities at the One Pearl Bank, such as a swimming pool and sky function room and the gym, sky terraces at levels 14 and 18 also include an outdoor lounge and an amphitheater.


Bottom line:


CapitaLand Limited is developing one condo in Pearl Bank. Capitaland Limited is an investment carrier that aggressively grows property and invests in financial instruments and property growth funds. That offers real estate investment planning and management services and operates apartments serviced.

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