Bichito defended the 30% increase to lawmakers, saying: “Do you want us to be Uganda?”

Bichito defended the 30% increase to lawmakers, saying: “Do you want us to be Uganda?”

National MP Miguel Angel Pichito He defended the 30% increase in bonuses for representatives and senators that was completed in the past few hours, and warned that if… The increase was not granted National legislatorsArgentina will end up looking like Uganda. The Rio Negro was based on the need for “fairly reasonable levels of pay.”

“Is it okay for them to get a 30% raise and not retirees?”Journalist Jonathan Viale asked the head of the “We Create a Federal Alliance” bloc. Journalist Tennessee He pointed to modernizing salaries in Congress and confronting the loss of purchasing power for retirees.

“What do you want? Argentina becoming Uganda?”“, the lawmaker replied. “Is this salary right for you?”Vialli insisted. “Do you think Congress is so bad? Congress has shown great respect for the character of the President. There was no screaming or aggression. “We have listened to the grievances,” the man from Rio Negro replied.

We have just introduced an initiative to adjust pensions (for inflation). The MP received 1,500,000. truly? Do you really want to talk about this topic? But please” The deputy said, showing signs of discomfort. “Yes. It makes people uncomfortable, Miguel. Why not? Don't you realize? You're smart,” the journalist continued. Tennessee.

“I refuse to talk about this topic. Deputy Jose Luis sent you to await what he would accuse him of. It's $2,200,000. It is reasonable in terms of institutional public responsibility. Do you know what would be good in Argentina that you would be most interested in? Find out how much an AFIP director earns, at Banco Nacin, how much does a primary judge, and a chambermaid earn?“, is Don.

“How much do they earn?” Viale asked him. “I won't talk because I'm not a button. I don't like it, I don't like this. You brought me here and there are a lot of important issues in the country. Vice-presidential candidate Mauricio Macri in 2019 responded: “You are angry, and you have the right to be angry.”

Villarroel and Menem announced the increase in diets on February 22.

“I think people don't mind because you know what's going on? There was a noticeable delay in the area of ​​legislative power. The legislative staff was severely backward and modernization was pending. He added after the caller's inquiry.

It is worth remembering that Since 2011, the bonuses for representatives and senators have been “tied” to the common allowances for congressional staff. Hence, when on February 22 the unions agreed to the increase with the authorities of the two chambers, Victoria Villarroel and Martin Menem, the effect would also be reflected in the diets of national legislators.

When journalist Franco Mercuriale wanted to join, Bechetto stopped him, saying: “Don't get involved in this, my dear.” He then continued: “I know that There are beautiful souls in this program. They're so good, they're all good, come on.”

“What I'm saying is that if you want to have a democratic process in Argentina You should have fairly reasonable salary levels. I know that there are people who are suffering, who have serious problems, and it is very difficult to adapt and they feel it. “I understand all of that,” he concluded.

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