Biden wishes Musk “good luck” on the moon due to his pessimism about the US economy – El Mundo

President Joe Biden today wished SpaceX founder Elon Musk “good luck” on the moon after expressing pessimism about the US economy and announcing a 10% job cut at Tesla.

Musk said he cut the electric car maker’s workforce because he “feeled very badly” about the hyperinflated US economy.

At his usual press conference, Biden responded sarcastically: “While Elon Musk is talking about it, Ford is dramatically increasing its investments and building new electric cars. I could add 6,000 new employees, union employees, in the Midwest.”

“Good luck on your trip to the moon,” CNN quoted the US president as saying.

Soon, the billionaire replied on Twitter with a simple “Thank you boss!” And a link to the official announcement that his company, SpaceX, will be an essential part of NASA’s Artemis mission, which will carry the first woman and first people of color to the surface of the moon.

Project Artemis was created during the Donald Trump era (2016-2020) and is one of the few projects that survived the Biden administration, which chose SpaceX in 2021 to develop the vehicle that would carry astronauts.

NASA has paid Musk $2.9 billion for the project, which he hopes will have its first moon landing in 2025.

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