In the world of communications and marketing, measurement is an essential and essential aspect, and today it is an issue that no company can ignore.

Today, the premise is more important than ever if we consider that organizations today need to focus their efforts on those actions and initiatives that are capable of achieving tangible and guaranteed results.

With that in mind, after you arrive in Mexico, bohoTM I decided to share a workshop targeting brand custodians to improve and enhance their communication strategies at a critical time for this type of effort.

The truth is that the work of communication teams today faces special challenges. Not only will they face reduced and unstable budgets, but they will also have to be maximized to re-evaluate their function within the organisation.

Measuring actions on a consistent basis will be a great ally to meet these demands efficiently and effectively.

This was one of the conclusions of the webinar “Transform

Communication in a high-performance tool”, organized by OwlTM, Clarity for Leaders, guided by Juan Fernando Giraldo, co-founder of buhoTM montserrat gutierrez, The Director of Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Public Affairs at L’Oréal and Alejandra Quezada, National Director of Corporate Communication at Amcham México, presented the importance of measurement in terms of communication.

And if committee members agree on one thing, it’s that good communication measurement contributes to something more than just adjusting strategies in real time.

Overall, as explained by Montserrat Gutierrez, L’Oréal’s Director of Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Public Affairs, communication measurement allows organizations “to show how we contribute to business from the area of ​​contact. With what we can measure, it is possible to adjust the strategy to support the business.”

In his words, this aspect was particularly visible over the past year, when, in the midst of the pandemic, the businesses of companies and brands had a particularly important dependence on measures developed in the field of communication.

Although this aspect is known to an important part of organizations, the truth is that there are still many difficulties and challenges to be overcome in order to realize these initiatives.

You only need to look at what is happening in the field of social networks. Although 65 percent of companies that accurately measure ROI on social networks are a priority, 83 percent of them say they have skepticism about how and what they measure, and as of the end of last year, only 15 percent of teams responsible for digital Marketing actions have been able to measure the true impact of their actions on social networks, according to estimates from Social media today.

In the words of Juan Fernando Giraldo, co-founder of bohoTM For organizations, there are two main and general challenges: who measures and what measures. In his words, the big challenge is to “combine all the information into one map” because “if the communication team does not have the information needed to make decisions”, then these actions simply lose their value.

This way the owl representative ممثلTM He emphasized that “communication teams are like high-performance sports teams: they need data to manage their actions as they go.”

With this in mind, one specific recommendation was about deciding what to measure, with the three specialists asserting that one of the biggest traps in the field lies in the “temptation to measure everything.”

In this way, Giraldo recommended that the best way is to measure one piece of information at a time in order to demonstrate the value that information has for improving communication strategies for the benefit of business growth.

The index was shared by Alejandra Quezada, national director of corporate communication at Amcham Mexico, who highlighted “the most important thing is to determine what’s right for your organization,” in order to find the right metrics to measure performance in these aspects.

Regarding who to measure, Montserrat Gutierrez emphasized that it is possible that within the same organization there are different forms, models and measurement strategies that can significantly reduce the performance of each communication effort.

In this way, he asserted, “the big challenge is alignment to know what we measure,” because “communication alignment is important for reputation protection, which is a critical aspect in terms of sales.”

Although measuring communication has many areas of opportunity, the truth is that it is a necessary and crucial aspect at times like today. The challenge will be to demonstrate the need for this practice to create a communications measurement budget from scratch which, to date, is lacking in many organizations.

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