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+ Philippa, Pio, sisters-in-law …

+ Money and power

Lies were the hallmark of the current system. The president lies in his mornings. It lies in the economic numbers. You lie with the epidemic. You lie violently. Growth is a lie. You lie with confidence. You lie to government opponents. The small phrase Lopez Obrador: “I have other data,” became the motto of an antichrist.

However, lying has a problem for AMLO: the truth. And when this fact reaches him, she tends to undress him. The lie, then, is on display.

And who would have thought: Like a serpent that bites its own tail, the President of Mexico was exposed as a liar by the director of Pemex himself, with Issue That in recent months it has been growing and has been documented and verified: the enrichment of the Obrador family. from Los Lopez. Next, the Lopez Obrador family lined up with bills under the protection of the head of the clan: Andres Manuel.


lets take alook:

When journalist Carlos Loret de Mola announced last Thursday – in indisputable official documents – that Felipa Obrador worked with Pemex for 364 million pesos, his chief cousin was questioned the next day: Were you aware of this? AMLO replied verbatim, stuttering:

“Well no… that… exactly, but today it will be reported….”

But hours later, in an official statement, it was revealed that the matter of Doña Felipa’s contracts was “reported by the CEO of Pemex to the President of Mexico” in October 2019. Then, for more than a year, AMLO learned of his cousin’s work at Petróleos Mexicanos, however Last Friday, he publicly denied that he was aware of it

The president lied.


All sensational business that takes place in the country, acts of corruption, receive the approval of the President of the Republic. So that this may be clear: it is not that the president did not know….” The fish (or peje) dies with its mouth, said López Obrador in one of his morning sessions.

Did Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador know and support the family business as a candidate and a presidency under the protection of politics? The answer is yes. The case of Philippa Obrador, of which AMLO has been notified since October last year, is the indisputable evidence. The president learned of this at the time however, the millionaire contracts were awarded to his cousin Philippa. This is the hard truth. The rest is justifications and pretexts.

Was AMLO aware of the illegal collections of funds amassed by his brother, Pio Lopez Obrador, under the protection of the current president’s political campaigns? The answer is yes.

David León Romero says when it comes to handing over money in envelopes to Pío, “He (AMLO) knows it, of course he knows (about financial contributions)…”, who assures: “He knows, he knows it well, I’ve already sent a letter …”.

“I knew nothing about money…” AMLO said of these illicit financial contributions. However, spoiled Leon Romero and his brother Pew deny this.

The president lied.

More cases:

“The Comptroller General of Veracruz has filed a complaint with the State Attorney’s Office against Jessica Moreno over her alleged transfer of 80 million pesos, when she was serving as the chief official of the state Department of Education during the administration of Javier Duarte. She is the sister-in-law of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is married to her brother Arturo When filing the complaint, the controller, Guillermo Moreno, said that 20 shell companies had been used to transfer the funds.

GB Plus Intermercado has submitted the eighth complaint against Veracruz government officials to the State Attorney’s Office. On this occasion, the complaint is against the senior official of the Ministry of Education of Veracruz (SEV), Carol Jessica Moreno Torres, the emotional partner of AMLO’s brother, Pedro Arturo López Obrador.

Miguel Castro, the company’s legal representative, specified that the complaint against the SEV chief of staff was due to a breach of payment agreements. It is that the civil servant of the SEV has a total debt of 400 million pesos with the company that represents, this, through unions.” (For more details see the column “AMLO and dark money: Ebrard, sister-in-law, Pío …” Martín Moreno -Duran. SinEmbargoMX. August 26, 2020).

Did AMLO find out about Cochupos’s alleged on-going order for his sister-in-law Jessica? The answer is yes. It was denounced by former Veracruz Governor Miguel Angel Yunus: “Since the 2016 campaign, López Obrador has already had business with (Javier) Duarte. Ah, but I refresh your memory, and so did what you did in the 2016 campaign: I agreed with Duarte, through Gabriel Diant, who It was Duarte’s financial operator who was criminally charged today with receiving the money, Diannet pointed out.In that agreement with Duarte, they named your sister-in-law, your brother’s wife, Carol Jessica Moreno-Torres, as a senior official in the Veracruz Education Trust, the trust with the most Resources in Veracruz”. (digital millennium. February 22, 2017). AMLO has never denied Yunus’ accusation.

and more:

Concepcion Falcon – another wife of the Mexican president – as the first trustee of the treasury of the municipality of Macosbana, home of Lopez Obrador, was implicated in the embezzlement of 200 million pesos on the account of the mayor’s office. For the case, Concha and Cabildo were all expelled.

Did AMLO know about the embezzlement that his sister-in-law Concha was involved in? The answer is yes. Last September 11, in the morning from the National Palace, AMLO confirmed that the crime had not yet been proven (assuming he knew of it), and in anger attacked the newspaper. Reshape To publicize the case, calling it “dirty pasquín” … but without denying the complaint.

In all cases of his relatives implicated in proven financial crimes, the president was aware of the business. And he was silent.


I am not corrupt. This is my opponent’s problem. “They can look for it and look for it and I’m not interested in the money…” Lopez Obrador said last Monday, after being questioned again about the family business.

AMLO must know that it is not only the corrupt who directly steals money, but also the ruler who closes his eyes and allows his relatives to steal and corrupt under the protection of political power.

Without a doubt, AMLO knew it, closed his eyes and let it go.


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