Billie Joe Sonder leaves Saúl Álvarez ‘implanted’ for the first time ‘face to face’

Billie Joe Sonder leaves Saúl Álvarez ‘implanted’ for the first time ‘face to face’

British boxer, Billy Joe Saunders, was absent from their first encounter with Sa Canl “Canelo” Alvarez before their fight in Texas, US, arguing that the ring was not the size he wanted.

Alvarez and Saunders will meet on the eighth of this month at Cowboys Stadium, and the Texas Committee has two ring measurements, which are 5.5 and 6 meters, but the Brits want the ring to be seven.

The Mexican is ready to fight in any size of ring, but Saunders for now missed the first meeting before the fight to take place in the aforementioned Texas scenario.

At the end of that competition, the WBC will deliver the Mestizo belt, which contains details of the Mexican charrería, already submitted by the body.

“This belt is a piece made by Mr. Raul Perez Carmona and Mrs. Viani Rebecca Flores Martinez of Toluca. It consists of pita embroidery of genuine leather, embroidered with two threads and embossed flowers. It was 305 hours of work. The painting was made by Miguel Angel Jurrado in a 50-hour process and it was completed.” Final assembly production in Industrias Reyes with another 35 hours of work, “the CMB posted in a statement at the time.

That way, practically everything is ready for the fight, but Billy Joe Saunders did not show up, due to what was indicated about the size of the ring in which “Canelo” will face Alvarez.

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