Bolsonaro will be investigated for anti-virus comments


Rio de Janeiro, December 3 (EFE). – Supreme Court of Brazil On Friday, he decided to open a new investigation against the president Jair BolsonaroOn charges of spreading false news, after he confirmed in a live broadcast that the people being vaccinated against them COVID-19 Develop page.

The decision was made by Judge Alexandre de Moraes, in response to a request by the Senate committee that indicted Bolsonaro of “crimes against humanity” and other crimes, for his erratic management in the face of the Covid pandemic.

The controversial statements of the far-right leader came last October 21 during the live broadcast that the president publishes weekly on social networking sites and was withdrawn from portals such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, for spreading false news, after specialists denied this. Bolsonaro.

In the broadcast, the far-right leader cited alleged reports from the British government, that some people had been vaccinated against it COVID-19 diagnosed with pageTo justify their position against vaccination.

“Official reports from the UK government indicate that those who have been fully vaccinated develop AIDS 15 days after the second dose. Read this news. I will not read it here because I may have problems with the live broadcast,” she said. Brazilian president at the time.

Judge De Moraes argued in Friday’s ruling that the link between fake news unleashed by the far-right leader and the actions of an alleged criminal organization already investigated by the Supreme Court for spreading hoaxes and attacks against democracy online should be investigated.

In the operation that follows against that organization, allies Bolsonaro The president himself is being investigated “to determine whether he has unlawfully contributed to the dissemination of false news about the conduct of members of the Supreme Court and against the voting system.” Brazil“.

“There is no doubt that the behavior denounced by the President of the Republic, in terms of spreading false news about vaccination against COVID-19Using the modus operandi of mass dissemination schemes on social networks, which makes it necessary to adopt procedures that clarify the facts investigated, especially in the presence of a criminal organization.”

statements Bolsonaro They led the Senate committee that investigated him and accused him of his efforts to fight Covid to demand that the president be suspended from social media to prevent him from continuing to tell lies.


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