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Phoenix, Arizona. – Passenger on a plane American Airlines that landed on saturday in Phoenix main airport Open a special slot, jump out of the machine when moved slowly and ran to a fire stationHe was temporarily detained before surrendering, authorities said.

The identity of the man and the reason he jumped from Flight 4236 was not immediately released after arriving at Sky Harbor International Airport from Colorado Springs, Colorado, around 8 a.m.

And after “the man got off the plane” the captain of the plane The watchtower notified the local authorities to intervene, Southwest spokesperson Dan Landson mentioned in an email. She added that the plane, its crew and the rest of the passengers then headed to their designated gate.

Jumps out of a plane in Phoenix and locks himself up

The 30-year-old entered the fire station, Went to the bedroom and locked in place, Fire Chief Todd Keeler, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Fire Department, said in an email.

After a few minutes, the firefighters pushed the man to open the door. Keeler reported that he was evaluated and treated for a lower leg injury and taken to hospital.

The Phoenix Police Department said in an email that it was investigating the incident without providing further details, including the man’s legal status.

Sky Harbor spokeswoman Julie Rodriguez said the incident did not cause delays in airport operations.

An FAA spokesperson recommended that the press direct their questions to local authorities.

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