Brain transplant: the innovation in medicine that will help with severe depression – Dune 89.7


A group of doctors from the University of California (USA) Health Department has developed a Brain implant that helps treat major depression, Which recreates brain patterns, something like a “brain pacemaker”.

Posted in nature medicineIt demonstrated “historic success in the efforts over the years to apply advances in neuroscience to the treatment of mental disorders.”

“It points the way to a new, much-needed paradigm in psychiatry,” Andrew Crystal, MD, professor of psychiatry, a fellow at UCSF’s Weill Institute for Neurosciences and one of the creators, said in a statement.

The expert asserts that it is “precision medicine”, and depression is an area that still faces challenges, as it can involve different areas of the brain depending on the condition.

“The idea that we can treat symptoms right now, when they arise, is an entirely new way of dealing with the more difficult cases of depression.Said Catherine Skangos, one of the first authors in the field from The Weill Institute.

As reported by the University of California, this method is still far from FDA approval, but it is on the way to resolving illnesses such as severe depression.

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