Browser cookies and cache: Learn step-by-step how to clean them on iPhone and Android

Browser cookies and cache: Learn step-by-step how to clean them on iPhone and Android

The biscuit and the Browser cache Are the items that are stored in a file cell phoneSo cleaning it is worth in the end to prevent it from that The device is running slowly. We explain step by step how to erase them together Iphone As is the case in Android.

What are cookies and browser cache?

The Browser cache It is a series of files such as images and other items that your browser downloads when you visit a web page. The point of these items is that they do not need to be downloaded every time the user accesses the Internet.

While Cookies These are the data files that a web page sends Browser When you visit it, it is saved on your mobile phone. Information is requested to be stored on the device directly by the web server when it is entered, and the stored data will be used to remember accesses and learn browsing habits.

How to delete this data on iPhone and Android?

Consider it a lot manzana How Android Their major browsers, in We show you how to remove biscuit and cache format Google Chrome As is the case in Safari. Clear browsing data clears both items and Free up space on the device.

Before you learn how to delete it, keep in mind that deleting your data may cause you to lose anything saved on web pages, such as shopping carts, logins, or other settings stored with biscuit.

Step by step: Delete browsing data in Google Chrome

  • Sign in to Google Chrome
  • Open “…” at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the “History” pane, the following menu will be displayed
  • Choose the interval to indicate the period whose content you want to delete
  • Once selected, select the option “Clear browsing data”
  • Confirm “clear browsing data”

How to clear Safari cookies and cache?

  • go to settings”
  • Scroll to the “Safari” option
  • Look for the option “Clear History and Data”
  • Confirm “clear history and data”

by removing biscuit and the Browser cachealso Google Chrome also Safari in Android s Iphone, storage space is freed up and the cell phone should run faster; You can also choose to delete photos, videos, or apps.

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