Bukele asserts that the United States will not be able to condemn “political persecution” after the Trump case

Bukele asserts that the United States will not be able to condemn “political persecution” after the Trump case

he president from El Salvador Nep Pokell-I saved this United State He cannot yet condemn “political persecution” in other countries resolution A jury to indict the former US president Donald Trump.

“Unfortunately, that will be the case difficult To use US foreign policy arguments like “democracyand “free and fair elections,” or attempt to convictpersecution Policy“In other countries, from now on,” the president wrote on Twitter.

in a previous message, Bukele Share a post from a US outlet talking about the accusation. Both trills were written in English.

Imagine if this happened to a prominent opposition presidential candidate here saviorThe Salvadoran president posted.

After the arrival of the Democrat Joe Biden to White HouseThe Salvadoran president has maintained a strained relationship with the United States, whose government he has accused of funding his opponents, while in 2019 he said Trump was “nice and cool”.

The current management of United State One of the most critical criticisms of the judges’ separation from the attorney general was made by Bukele’s party in Congress and its allies in 2021.

He also condemned the standard’s change Constitutional Chamber That would enable Bukele’s immediate re-election, which he has stated he will seek in 2024.

In September 2021, the then US Chargé d’Affairs to El Salvador, Jan Manes, said that “the ruling is a direct result of the May 1 decision of the Parliment Unconstitutionally dismissing acting judges in the Constitutional Chamber and installing replacements loyal to the executive authority.

A New York grand jury voted on Thursday to indict former President Donald Trump in a case involving the payment of fees to a pornographic actress. Daniels storm In return for his silence, according to the newspaper New York times It was confirmed by other media minutes later.

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