He gets trapped in his truck during a hurricane and lives to tell it

He gets trapped in his truck during a hurricane and lives to tell it

The driver managed to pick up video The most amazing moment when Cyclone wrecked his pickup truck in Little Rock, Arkansas, United StateFriday 31 Aug.

In the recording, the driver, Cody Combs, is heard swearing several times as one of the tornadoes that hit the state rocked his car, filling it with debris.

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The driver admitted this in statements to local media He thought he was going to die As he begins to notice that houses and large trees are collapsing around him.

“The first thing that made me get my phone out was that the clouds in front of me were actually picking up some debris. So I saw little bits of wood and roofing lying in front of me… I was just trying to see if I was going to get close enough to score it. I didn’t think he was coming right behind me.”

cody combs.

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This was an impressive tornado that hit Arkansas this weekend

Footage from the dash cam of the pickup truck Combis was driving also showed the tornado’s path, Destroy trees in its path.

“I saw two people come out of their homes and cars that were in the same condition as me, just shocked that everything happened the way it did.”

cody combs.

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After the hurricane passed, Combs He photographed the damaged homes and fallen trees around them.

The agency said at least five people were killed after a series of tornadoes swept the state. Reuters.

“It was definitely the scariest moment of my life so far… I have a one-year-old son. So I was just thinking about him and getting home with him and my fiancé. That was really the only thing on my mind: making sure I get out of there.”

cody combs.

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Tornadoes They cut the roofs and walls of many buildingsAuthorities said they overturned vehicles and stopped trees and power lines in Little Rock and large areas east and northeast of the state capital.

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