Palm Sunday 2023: why is it celebrated and what does it mean?

Palm Sunday 2023: why is it celebrated and what does it mean?
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. Photo: Darkroom

this April 2 is Palm Sundaydate it Marks the beginning of a file Easter HolidayIt is one of the most important celebrations for believers of the Catholic faith all over the world.

For this 2023, Easter Holiday starts with Palm Sunday Continue with JHoly Thursday (6 April), Holy Friday (7 April), Glory Saturday (8 april) and ends with Easter Holiday (9 April).

Why is Palm Sunday celebrated?

According to Catholic tradition, V.I Palm Sunday commemorateat the entrance Jesus Christ to the city of Jerusalem. According to the accounts of the time, the townspeople They declared Jesus of Nazareth to be the “Christ.”

Catholic history says so The reception of “Christ” was with palms, which stands for fEquity and wealth For the city, hence the name Palm Sunday.

at the moment, Believers celebrate Palm Sunday by going in procession to church while they are carrying Palm or olive branches In their hands, they sing songs. finally These bouquets are blessed by the local priest.

When does the Easter holiday week 2023 start?

According to the calendar for the academic year 2022-2023 from Ministry of Public Education (SEP), he Easter holiday period would be drFrom 3 to 14 April 2023; Although since last March 31, basic education students have been on vacation, because this date is designated as the day of the School Technical Council.

although Easter Holiday It is an important celebration for many Mexicans, The mandatory rest mark is not markedso it depends on whether or not each company will give its employees leave Palm Sundayhe Good Thursday and Fridayor the Glory Saturday.

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