Buy a used bag and find a history saturated with infidelity

Buy a used bag and find a history saturated with infidelity
  • Businesses dedicated to buying and selling used goods, both physical and virtual, are growing all over the world thanks to the crisis and responsible consumption.
  • For example, second-hand exchange platform Wallapop says handbags were the best-selling product in the early months of 2022.
  • Searches in this category increased by 83 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

Buying and selling used items is a business model that has always existed parallel to the traditional one.

However, the crisis has reinforced this phenomenon: it is no longer just a common practice reduced to family, friends and acquaintances.

The inflationUnemployment and low wages in real terms encouraged more and more platforms dedicated to connecting sellers and buyers of second-hand goods, especially clothing.

Many buyers approach second-hand stores with financial motives: Get something of quality, for less than you would have spent if it was new.

Sellers in turn want Earn extra money with products you no longer use.

In addition, there is an environmental reason: the development of forms More responsible consumption.

A story hidden in a used bag

Buying used products can become more than cheap, responsible, and outdated consumption.

Let’s look at this story: A woman found a designer bag at a local thrift store, bought it for $6.99, and when she opened it, He discovered a lot more than he expected.

said Lenora Silverman, a 55-year-old woman from Philadelphia in the United States in your TikTok account It’s inside the bag (Brand Fitness Trainer) He found a personal note and over $300.

“Wait until I tell you what was inside,” Silverman said in the video on the social network that has already exceeded 1.8 million views.

There was inside An envelope with money in a small box hidden in the background. But that was not all. There was also a letter addressed to the buyer saying, “I have three children. They will give my things to goodwill.” [una organización benéfica de EE.UU] When I die, I spread my inheritance on all my favorite things.”

And there’s more to this strange story hidden in a used suitcase.

The letter also told how the bag had reached its owner’s hand.

“My husband’s friend gave me this coach bag years ago. Well, actually, I got home early from visiting my parents in Connecticut. She [la mujer con la que el marido le era infiel] She must have left quickly because she forgot her purse and her shoes. I used this bag every day. Who knows if my husband knows he’s his girlfriend? “

The last lines of the note included the approval. “I’m giving it because my kids don’t want it, so go buy yourself a new bag. With love, Martha.”

Tweet embed Check your mom’s wallets before you donate them for goodwill! #I’m just saying # Hahaha #foundmoney # Trustworthy #good intention #Donates # Thoughts ♬ Original sound – Be A Martha

Martha and her “inheritance”

In the comments, viewers urged Silverman to investigate further. The shopper did, and found out from other people in the Philadelphia area that Martha was a regular at several thrift stores.

Apparently, in other things that Martha donated, there was also money.

It’s unclear how many other items the bills might contain, but Silverman told followers he intends to keep looking and hopefully find Martha in real life, if she’s alive.

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