Elon Musk’s rocket with which he intends to take humans to Mars explodes; “It’s not good,” he admits | News from Mexico

Boca Chica, Texas. – a SpaceX rocket Exploded on the launch pad during Prototype Testmentioned Elon MuskThe owner of the company via Twitter.

The explosion occurred last Monday night at Starbase facilities in Boca Chica, Texas, and Musk admitted that “it’s not good.”.

Soon after, he mentioned that he was just “in the thrust section. It looks like the damage is slight, but we need to check all the engines. It’s better to do it high up.”

The Musk missile that exploded is an early version

remarkably The rocket is an early version of the spacecraft launched by SpaceX It is called the Starship, with which Musk seeks to take people to Mars. Musk described Starship as the focus of his ambition. SpaceX is the one that transported the first humans to Mars.

The media NASA space Posted pictures where you can see how The missile ignites the engines As he stays stationary on the platform and suddenly a flame goes out from the engines, a gray plume follows him. smoke clear, No visible external damage to the missile.

It was my test prep All 33 Raptor engines on board.

The first unmanned orbital flight is scheduled for the end of the year. The goal is that The missile stays 90 minutes On a trip to land later off the coast of Hawaii.

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