Calls for no further changes to laws – El Financiero

Calls for no further changes to laws – El Financiero

Antonio del Valle Peruchina, President of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), said that in order to generate significant investments in the country, national and foreign businessmen need certainty, clear rules and no more changes in the current legal framework, realizing that Mexico has opportunities in the midst of the economic situation Global, which you can take advantage of if there is stability.

“We have to take advantage of the situation and attract more investment, but for that we need certainty and clarity in the rules and not to make more changes because what we businessmen need is precisely peace of mind that there are rules and that the laws are in place,” the business leader said after his interview after leaving the National Business Council meeting. Coordinating Council (CCE) on Friday, where the US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, was invited.

The issue of clarity and certainty in the regulatory framework has been a constant in the private sector dialogue, particularly through the CCE, with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in his goal of boosting investment. “We hope that they will lead us to greater clarity in this regard,” del Valle Peruchina told the media.

Despite the global situation, Mexico remains very attractive to national investment, and he stressed that although foreign direct investment exceeds 2019 levels, it is national investment that accounts for more than 70 percent of total investment.

“National investment makes up more than 70% of total investment in the country and is still active, and the problem is that now in total investment we continue at levels of 20% of GDP; to have growth and development that really generate value, we have to be at levels of 25 per cent of GDP.

In addition to certainty about the legal framework for operating in the country, security is a priority for the national business community, and in their meeting with the president at the Caluse Museum, they expressed their concerns.

“It was agreed to redouble efforts to address security problems, particularly thefts from carriers and businesses, because the enabling environment for investment will allow the generation of good jobs and the improvement of living conditions in homes and communities,” wrote the Head of the Mobile Communications Network (CMN). Twitter account.

In the social network, the businessman explained that the strengthening of supply chains in North America was discussed with President Lopez Obrador, as well as the correct implementation of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), as well as a great opportunity to connect the south and southeast of the country, and also expressed the presence of Coincidences in the health of public finances.

They will announce investments in the United States

There is real interest among the Mexican and US private sectors in working together and they hope to meet in Washington next July to announce investments with CCE, a business organization that has been very much on the agenda to promote binational growth, said Ken Salazar. US Ambassador to Mexico.

“When we go to Washington, D.C., now in July, we hope to have a great meeting of business people from Mexico and the United States,” he said in an interview after leaving the meeting with CCE.

The interest of Mexican businessmen in working with the United States is “very, very real” and the interest of US companies in investing here in Mexico, “also very much”, they have been in dialogue to finalize the investments that will be announced in the coming weeks.

“When we meet, we are promoting this agenda and for that reason, we are working closely with CCE, we will be making some announcements soon about investments,” he said.

In this sense, Francisco Cervantes, President of CCE, confirmed plans for the meeting next month, in a context in which Mexico has opportunities to take advantage, particularly in the realignment of global supply chains and with the potential offered by the south-southeast region.

“We’re very focused on the south-southeast part,” he said in an interview after leaving the meeting. “The ambassador was promoting the southeast, and he’s actually visiting and promoting part of the Transisthemian Corridor.”

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