Canceled flights in the US: what to do?

Canceled flights in the US: what to do?

The Cancellation From flights continue in United State. Over the past weekend, more than 1,550 flights were canceled and nearly 15,000 delayed, according to information from FlightAware.

This new update cancellation of journeys It comes after more than 2.46 million people traveled through US airports on Friday, July 1.

Also, airlines are struggling to keep up with the growing demand in the US, as they face Staff shortage Already high prices From Gas.

However, if you are planning to travel on the 4th of July and the next few dates, we will give you some tips on what to do just in case. Cancellations or flight delays.

Before buying flights in the United States

  • Reduce the scales and links so that there is less possibility of cancellation.
  • sit aside for you airline In the morning and directly with Airline.
  • If you travel with small bag It’s better to have it by hand so you won’t have to document it.
  • Use travel apps that alert you the condition from your trip.

Cancel flights if you are already at the airport

If you have already arrived at the airport and received a notification Cancel your flightIt is important to know your rights as a consumer against airlines to know what to order.

To find an instant solution, go to airline office Or call the center of interest. If you stay overnight at a destination that isn’t yours, look at Policies subordinate AirlineSome may offer you an entry pass to the hotel.

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