Canelo Alvarez is stung by meat, alluding to Billy Joe Saunders’ father

Canelo Alvarez is stung by meat, alluding to Billy Joe Saunders’ father

Mexico City /

corner Billie Joe Saunders Once again lashed in Sayle “Canelo” AlvarezAlthough this time the attack was launched by the father of the British boxer who hinted that he was Mexican Psychedelic With “Tender Meat”.

The week before the meeting, Tom Saunders He indicated that he had communicated with many coaches, fighters and fugitives who They let you know some “tricks”. From Mexican multicapeónAmong them is the consumption of meat.

“We already know that He loves Mexican meat and loves it very juicy And they usually stop using it three weeks before the fight. They consume it in small dosesSoiha.

(From the 12th minute)

A few days ago, Bailey himself pointed this out The battle will already be arranged Because promoter Eddie Hearn is already working on the meeting between Canelo and the Caleb Plant, although a Mexican commented on it. “They are just excuses.”.

With Benavides they also believe

Saunders’ father wasn’t the first to accuse Canelo of his behavior, but a month ago David Benavides’ father Note the same thing.

“Suddenly, (Canelo) became Superman. I mean, they actually caught him on steroids. Now it’s distinguished and looks powerfulJose Benavides said.

Steroids 2018 marked Canelo

They both depend on Clenbuterol positive Delivered by Alvarez in March 2018 and it led to it Suspended six months By the Nevada Athletic Commission, United States.

The Mexican has since defended himself that it was due to meat consumption in the country, a problem that was not a recent given Fodder that livestock receive This has led to other cases of doping, including on the national football team.

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