Celia Maya will set up the Secretariat for Science and Technology – Diario de Querétaro


The establishment of a secretariat for science, technology and higher education, as well as public policies that address these issues, was proposed by Morena’s candidate for governor, Celia Maya Garcia, during its “Citizen Dialogues” space, in which Pedro Buzas participated and graduated. From UAQ and Jöns Sánchez, graduated from CIATEC-CIDESI.

It was the researcher, Pablo Buzas, who indicated that in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Guanajuato they have a trust for science, technology and higher education, and this will be the model to which the country should migrate.

Therefore, the candidate explained that the Ministry of Education usually deals with basic education at major educational levels, but the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education can focus on high schools and universities.

CIATEC-CIDESI graduate, Yones Sanchez, recommends a government plan developed for 30 years, with implementations annually, to help citizens, improve access and communication.

In addition, the candidate also indicated that the technology in public administration should be facilitated, with automation, and procedures immediately simplified,

“As part of my proposal, I thought about participatory democracy and open government in consultation with citizens, with the ability to achieve a good system of government, and to provide interaction between citizens and the government,” he said.

The researcher Pedro Bozas indicated that there is a need for more science ambassadors in the country, and there should be between 45 or 50 scientists per 100,000 people, but the national average indicates that there are 23 researchers per 100,000 people. Internationally, countries that produce first world vaccines have 400 researchers for every 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, Maya Garcia recognized the popularity of Mexican science, as well as the path of researcher, René Drucker Cullen, who promoted investment in science and technology throughout Mexico.

He indicated that he would work to promote the proposal to migrate to smart cities in the future, as well as address social problems with technology such as security, public transportation and water.

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