Central Cee Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating Now?


Rising British star Central Cee has become a household name in the UK music scene, particularly with his notable hits like Day in the Life and Loading. His debut mixtape Wild West, which launched in March 2021, took the charts by storm, further establishing his place in the industry.

With fame, of course, comes intrigue and speculation about his personal life. This article offers an in-depth look into Central Cee’s life, his rumored relationship with Madeline Argy, his dating history, and his net worth.

Central Cee – Biography

Central Cee, renowned for his engaging songwriting and distinctive rap style, has rapidly ascended to fame in the music world. Although the details about his early life and upbringing are scant, his passion for music was evident from a young age, and he eventually made a name for himself with hits like Day in the Life and Loading.

Central Cee  Current Girlfriend 

The rapper is currently rumored to be dating Madeline Argy, a popular podcaster, TikTok star, and social media personality from Sussex, England. Speculation about their relationship began in September 2022 and has been fuelled by numerous hints, including Central Cee’s latest single Doja, and Argy sporting one of Cee’s hoodies in a picture.

With the images shared above it is almost confirmed that he is dating madeline Argy.

Central Cee Past Dating History:

Before the speculation surrounding his relationship with Argy, Central Cee was rumored to have been in relationships with Malu Trevejo and Liyah Mai. Though neither of these relationships was confirmed, Central Cee and Trevejo were often spotted together, and a video of Liyah Mai with Central Cee playing his song Loading further ignited the rumors.

Central Cee Dating Controversy

Central Cee’s rumored relationship with Argy has stirred controversy and intrigue. A particular lyric in his song Doja, hinting at his girlfriend’s homosexuality, led fans to believe that he might be referring to Argy. However, neither party has officially confirmed the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Central Cee’s Net Worth


As of 2023, Central Cee’s exact net worth is estimated at $5 Million, but it is presumed to be substantial given the success of his music career. His chart-topping mixtape Wild West and popular singles are a testament to his successful and thriving career.


Despite the swirling rumors, speculation, and controversy, Central Cee continues to rise in the music industry with his unique rap style and powerful lyrics. His personal life, particularly his rumored relationship with Madeline Argy, remains under wraps. As fans, all we can do is respect their privacy and continue to support their individual endeavors in the music and social media world.

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