Channel 13 shocked by what happened with Pancho Saavedra

Channel 13 shocked by what happened with Pancho Saavedra

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Pancho Saavedra He made his screen debut on Canal 13 with the second season of “Socios por el mundo”, a program he leads with actor Jorge Zabaleta. On Thursday night, the adventures and adventures of two friends who travel through different countries presented the first episode, trying to reach the public’s taste, as happened last year with the first edition.

For the second season of “Socios por el mundo”, Pancho Saavedra And Jorge Zabaleta took a trip away from Chile at the end of 2022. The artist and actor toured India, Thailand, Japan and Uganda, and in each destination they were able to meet stories and people they will never be able to forget.

Pancho Saavedra. Source: (Google).

Different facts!

So he made it known Pancho Saavedra In conversation with Página 7. “All countries mark me, because they have something different and they give you something special, because they change your life, They make you see things differently”, expressed the driver of “Places That Talk” and “Barbecue Partners.”

In statements to the media mentioned, Pancho Saavedra He asserted that he knew many stories, customs and traditions through the “Socios por el mundo” recordings, but what he experienced in India was something he had never imagined.

Pancho Saavedra and Jorge Zabaleta. Source: (Google).

To be in that country, face Channel 13 I appreciate how Hindus say goodbye to their loved ones who fly to another earthly plane, so different from our culture. “They do not cry and cremate their people in crematoriums in the open air Then they throw the ashes into the river.”

“It’s so powerful, the contrasts are so great.”

Pancho Saavedra. Source: (Google).

on his way across India, Pancho Saavedra He was shocked to see dozens of inert corpses burned. “It’s so powerful, the contrasts so great I really think they mark you forever, one not the same,” he said, while noting that this experience and many others have helped him appreciate and appreciate “life, nature, to appreciate the simple things, everything.”

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