Chignahuapan, first place of the Spartan Regional Championship outside the US – El Sol de Puebla

Chignahuapan, first place of the Spartan Regional Championship outside the US – El Sol de Puebla

The easy rabbit in Chignahuapan, Puebla, You will host thanks to the efforts Minister of Tourism Next June 11 state again an international brand event Spartan Responsible for implementing obstacle courses around the world utilizing the geography of the landscape at their fingertips.

Although the 2022 event will be the first of its kind Regional ChampionshipsWhere it includes the most important athletes from the region North Amarica (Canada, USA and Mexico) will visit El Magic Town To continue the classification towards the world fair.

“For the first time in history, Spartan A place is awarded to a regional tournament outside United Statefor this reason Mexico also Shignahuapan You will be hosting a world event,” he commented during the race presentation on Thursday at Minister of TourismEduardo Moreno is an actor Spartans in Mexico.

It should be noted, so far Shignahuapan Fifteen female athletes and 20 athletes from countries such as Canada, Slovenia, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Argentina have already confirmed their attendance.

In addition to the elite race, five other competitions will be held: Spartan enemyAn intersection of 5 kilometers and 20 barriers. Super Spartancompetition on 10 kilometers and 25 obstacles; Spartan trail, 10 km. no obstacles Spartan trail 21 km, also unimpeded; The children’s race is called Spartan children With distances covering from 800 meters to three kilometers, according to categories from four to 13 years.

“Once again, the city of Puebla will host an international event that will have an important economic benefit to municipalities such as ShignahuapanAnd the zacatlan s red snapper. Tourism Minister said: Martha Ornelas.

Those who show an interest in participating should return to the page and search for the event there. Spartan.

  • 4 stages make up the Spartan North America Regional Championship

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