The White House will pay its scientists for the first time in history

The White House will pay its scientists for the first time in history

Losing advice: Information from EFE, originating in Washington, Thursday, June 2, 2022,

Its headline was: “The White House” will pay interns $750 a week, the first time the US government has offered financial compensation to people doing dealings in this office, the administration of President Joe Biden announced this Thursday.

Training in federal organizations without pay has been a barrier for professionals and

Students who have been working hard with talent for too long, the White House said in a statement.” What do you think of this positive “revolution” for the Joe Biden government? Take note.

Another loose tip. El Coctel, he repeats again that he is not, and does not think that he has the truth, thinks that this

Example of “Diario Amanecer de México” (New in the press, June 1, 2022). Title: Start

Mexican participation in the CONADE 2022 National Games. “With a delegation of nearly 800 athletes,

The State of Mexico is participating in the 2022 Conade National Games, which began on May 31 and will end on

Next July 28, in Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Sonora and Jalisco.

After an extensive selective process to select state delegations, which began at the end of the year

in the past and the beginning of 2022, to make room for the last candidates, which, depending on each discipline, had regional and major regional and national forms; The State of Mexico will compete in 38 majors. athletes

Mexicans walk in spirit and intent to equalize or improve their personal results from the past year and with it

Contributing to the cause of the State of Mexico, in search of a good place in the public table.

Likewise, there are those athletes who made their debut in the most important children’s and youth sporting event in the country. The

The first delegation to participate in the national sports competition was the rowing delegation, which totaled 11 athletes

They’ve seen action as of May 31 in Tijuana, Baja California, where mineral harvesting for the Mexican entity is expected to begin. With regard to team sports, it is one of the disciplines that

that the state of Mexico is a strong field and field hockey game, where, like every edition of this sporting event,

He will fight for first place in the three categories, in the men’s and women’s subcategories.

Swimming, one of the sports with the most contributions in the state of Mexico in terms of medals, will start next June 6 in Tijuana, with the participation of 105 athletes, to be the largest delegation in the entity. On the other hand, artistic swimming will start its activity on June 11, with 20 undines, which seeks

Endorsing Mexico’s dominant position nationally, just as it did last year, when the system was that with 19 gold medals, it contributed more golds to the Ademex medal table.

In combat sports, boxing for the State of Mexico will be attended by 13 athletes who have witnessed activity in

Sinaloa headquarters from June 22 to 28; While taekwondo, which includes 43 athletes, will get

In the same place from July 1 to 8, in both disciplines they are expected to perform well and contribute significantly to the Mexican cause. It should be noted that during this period of nearly two months, the athletes

They will be accompanied by staff from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, tasked with complying with administrative and logistical procedures, to achieve optimal performance in each of their competencies.” Note this.

In Sports Cocktail on Thursday, June 2, 2022, in “Loose Advice”: “On my website on Wednesday, June 1, 2022,

June 2022, I received an official communication from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), headed by Thomas Bach with the title

Raisi: “The Olympic Refugee Foundation strengthens its support for refugees around the world.” Olympic shelter

The Foundation (ORF) signed a new historic Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Agency for

Refugees (UNHCR), expands its collaboration and reaffirms the commitment of ORF and UNHCR to harness sport to protect and support displaced youth globally

The memorandum of understanding was signed during the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the ORF, which was held on Wednesday in Madrid at the headquarters of the ORF

Spanish Olympic Committee. This came a few days after the announcement of the creation of the CRF and the Olympic team for

Refugees from the International Olympic Committee receive the prestigious PRINCESS OF ASTURIAS Sport 2022 award.

The Commission has been working closely with the ORF since its establishment in 2017, and with the International Olympic Committee since 1994.

“Our UNHCR partners have told us several times that every time they ask refugees what they want.

They need more after food and shelter, and the answer is always “It’s a sport,” Bach continued: “That’s how it is.”

This is because sport is much more than just a physical activity.

Sport is empowerment. Sport is inclusivity. Sport is respect. Sport is health. Sport

It builds confidence. Sports is a positive mindset. This is what ORF’s mission is: to give hope through sport to those uprooted by conflict, persecution or disaster.

Today I added a part of the finale that wasn’t included in yesterday’s Tertulia. “Measuring progress to a million”. The

The organization’s four-year strategic plan was approved in March 2021 and allows the ORF to continue to expand

Its activities to achieve changes in three pillars: access, adoption, and teamwork. During the meeting in Madrid, members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees assessed the progress made in each of these areas and within the Foundation’s goal of making one million young people affected by displacement.

Achieving a safe sport in 2024.

To date, ORF has supported programs in 10 countries, benefiting up to 85,000 young people affected by

Transfer and train more than 800 coaches. This year has already seen the launch of ‘TERRAINS d’Avenir’ in France, a three-year program of Sport for Protection, Resilience and Transformation) in Bangladesh. Other initiatives will be implemented later in the year in Jordan,

Burkina Faso and Ukraine.

Learn more about how three ORF programs impact people’s lives

Refugees in France, Bangladesh and Uganda. ORF also created “Think Tank” in 2020 composed of

Independent experts from leading academic institutions, NGOs, UN agencies, the public and private sectors and youth advocates from lived experiences. ORF ‘Think Tank’ published a draft position paper in the Force Migration Review in 2021, addressing physical activity, mental health and psychosocial support,

In April 2022, he published an editorial in the “British Medical Journal” about the accidental potential of sport in situations of forced displacement. Take notes on this.

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