China hopes that the new US government will demonstrate rationality and sincerity in bilateral relations


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Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the United States, delivered a speech at the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the China-American Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese New Year celebration. In New York, USA, January 8, 2020 (Xinhua / Wang Ying)

Washington, 01/28/2021 (El Pueblo Online) – China hopes the new US administration will demonstrate not only patience, but also rationality and sincerity in Sino-US relations, said Cui Tiankai, China’s ambassador to the United States.

Cui made the remarks during an interview with China Media Group about White House spokeswoman Jin Saki’s remarks on US relations with China.

Psaki said on Monday that US President Joe Biden wanted to handle relations with Beijing with “strategic patience.”

Cui said China hopes the United States can review and rethink its policy with China in recent years and find a positive and realistic way to deal with Sino-US relations.

The ambassador also asked the United States to understand China and bilateral relations objectively “with patience.”

On the trade dispute between the two countries, Cui stressed that as two major economies, China and the United States shoulder responsibilities in global economic development.

Cui expressed his belief in the two countries’ ability to cooperate through consultations and negotiations.

In a congratulatory tweet to President Joe Biden on Thursday, Coy said China looks forward to working with the Biden administration.

“Congratulations to President Biden on his inauguration! China looks forward to working with the new administration to promote the robust and steady development of Sino-US relations and jointly address global challenges in public health, climate change and growth,” Cui wrote on Twitter.

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