Uganda: The Ugandan judiciary orders the police to allow the opposition leader to leave his home


Madrid, 25 years old. (Europe Press) –

On Monday, a Ugandan court ordered police and armed forces to allow main opposition leader Robert Kyagolani to leave his home, who had denounced fraud after incumbent President Yoweri Museveni won the last election.

Kyagulanyi, a former singer also known as Bobi Wine, has not left his residence since he went to vote in the presidential election eleven days earlier. The authorities fear that he wants to organize protests against the government and is defending preventive reasons to keep him in detention.

However, the Supreme Court in Kampala had agreed with Kyagolani’s attorney and decided that this indefinite detention was illegal and unconstitutional, so they urged the security forces to allow him to leave immediately, according to NTV reports.

During his detention, the Ugandan authorities also prevented visits from the opposition leader, including the US ambassador to the African country, Natalie Brown.

The Kyagolani National Unity Program (NUP) denounced election fraud and Bobby Wayne himself confirmed after preliminary preliminary results were announced he was the winner. Kyagolani was presented as the main competitor to Museveni, who had led the country since 1986 and had secured a sixth term after a series of constitutional amendments to be able to go to the polls.

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