China realizes that the panda is not in danger of extinction

China realizes that the panda is not in danger of extinction

He. She The giant panda is no longer classified as an endangered species الأنواع In the wild, Chinese authorities reported.

Despite the fact that since September 2016, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has indicated that this mammal species is no longer in danger of extinction; The Chinese government was reluctant to accept it.

However, this is now At least 1,800 specimens could have been accessed in the wild, China decided to reclassify Bicolor Tender Bear, For the Asian giant, it is a national treasure and symbol of diplomatic brotherhood, by lending some copies to other countries.

Giant pandas currently number about 1,800 in the wild. | Photo: Internet.

fact that Giant pandas are no longer in danger of extinction “reflects the improvement of their living conditions and China’s efforts to conserve its integrated habitats,” Cui Shuhong, head of the Nature and Environment Protection Division of the Ministry of Environment and Environment, said at a press conference.

China managed to increase the population of this species Thanks to efforts to recreate and re-establish bamboo forests, a plant that makes up about 99% of the bears’ diet, without which you would likely starve, as each specimen requires between 12 and 38 kg of bamboo per day to meet your energy needs.

According to international media reports, habitat loss was the reason for the panda population’s decline to just over 1,200 in the 1980s.

“Just the fact of restoring a home The panda gave them back their space I gave them food.” said Craig Hilton-Taylor, director of the IUCN Red Listwho added:

“We must get the bamboo back, and little by little the number of pandas will start to start recovered.”

Panda’s new enemy

Wildlife professionals believe that China’s success in the giant panda population It is ephemeral, because they expect that climate change Destruction of more than a third of the habitat bamboo panda In the next eighty years.

“With climate change, it will be too hot for bamboo to grow,” Hilton Taylor explained.

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