High school teacher suspended for having a fan-only account


a Teacher from High school History removed from office after the power of School They will find out that I have Account active in fans only

The teacher, Amy Cobbs, 32, who taught high school history at a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, quit her position because they found out she had kept a fairly active account. fans only. The master brought in profits on the platform up to 150 thousand dollars, which is almost 3 million pesos. While this was happening, he continued to teach 12- to 13-year-olds.

Amy noted that although she loved teaching, she remained in love and dreamed of one day appearing in Playboy magazine. For this reason, he also had an Instagram account where he uploaded provocative selfies and photos, starting his career in that world. After she realized how successful she was, her husband recommended opening a Only Fans account so that she could earn money. He himself was her personal photographer. “He helped me himself by being mine PhotographerAnd we were thinking of new content together.”

photo. Amy Cobbs

The number of subscribers to her account only increased fans to the level where the teacher was earning up to more than 150 thousand dollars. Despite this success, not all of his friends, family and co-workers knew the secret of his double life.

Amy Cobbs noted that I was saddened by the great success she had in a program She had problems with her husband. The girl pointed out that “my husband could not stand the idea of ​​men on the Internet pampering her with gifts more expensive than him.” Therefore, it was the same pair who shared Amy’s profile and the reason for her dismissal.

“I always talked to my ex about how I wanted to remain anonymous to students, staff and other parents with whom I am friends. Protecting children is important to me,” he said. The couple separated in December 2020 and she is now focusing on maintaining her page on platform since its expulsion.

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